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Benjamin and Bethany Bear

Meet Benjamin and Bethany Bear! 


At Clarice Cliff Primary School, we place a strong emphasis on good attendance.  We provide a range of initiatives to reward good attendance.  The most popular with the children is our attendance bears, Benjamin and Bethany.


During Celebration assembly, we celebrate the class in Key Stage 1 and the class in Key Stage 2 each week who have the highest attendance.  These classes keep either Benjamin or Bethany for the week.  The bears love to take part in all of the exciting activities within the classroom and they are certainly not camera shy!  The children and staff take photos to share with the rest of the school of the exciting adventures they have been on with their class.  Children also have the opportunity to take the bears home. These photos are then shown during Celebration Assembly the following week!

Bethany and Benjamin have been on some amazing adventures so far including a holiday to Ibiza, Disneyland and many exciting school trips.  They have also helped the children in preparing for their SATs and phonics screening checks.  What clever bears they are!


Staff and children are incredibly competitive about having the bear in the class and making sure they have the most exciting adventures possible!  It is a great reminder to the children of the importance of coming to school every day and on time.  We can’t wait to see where the bears go to next!