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Welcome to Reception!


We look forward to working alongside both you and your children as they embark on their journey at Clarice Cliff Primary School.


Staff Information


Reception Butterflies

In Reception Butterflies, the class teacher is Miss Marchant who has a wealth of experience in the Early Years.

Mrs Wilshaw is the Teaching Assistant for the Butterflies class. Mrs Wilshaw has years of experience working within the Early Years.


Reception Ladybirds

In Reception Ladybirds, Miss Stubbs is the class teacher and is our school’s more able leader. Mrs Frankland is the Teaching Assistant for the class.


Year Group Information

In Reception, children have the opportunity to learn and explore through a range of experiences. They take part in Maths, English and Phonics daily as well as experiencing a broad and balanced curriculum through continuous provision.

We place a high emphasis on reading as we believe it is the key to all learning. We provide daily opportunities for pupils to apply their phonics and listen to the children read every week. We ask parents to support us in this and encourage children through our ‘Reading Challenge’. The aim of the challenge is to engage all readers and praise those children who read at least 5 times a week. Each week, your child’s class will receive rewards for their achievements. Therefore, it is very important that the diary is signed and dated each time your child has read and that the diary is brought to school every day.

Other homework such as spellings and Maths will also be given throughout the year to support your child’s learning.


Topics Studied.

Our curriculum and topics are designed to excite our pupils and enthuse them in their learning. Each topic has been carefully created to teach a wide range of skills and knowledge, whilst covering all aspects of the National Curriculum.


In the Autumn term, we will start by covering the topic ‘Do you want to be Friends?’ and ‘Why do Squirrels Hide their Nuts?’ and look closely at the texts, ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and ‘Meg’s Eggs’.  

Image result for the enormous turnip


In the Spring term, we initially cover the topic, ‘What Happens when I fall asleep?’ and look at the text ‘How to Catch a Star’. We explore aspects of space and learn lots of interesting facts. During the second half of spring term we explore, ‘Do cows drink milk?’ and look closely at the text, ‘The Little Red Hen’. During this topic, we have our annual trip to the farm. 


Image result for the little red hen


In the Summer term, we will cover the topics ‘Why do Ladybirds have Spots’ and ‘What can you see in Summer?’ alongside the texts ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.









We will be taking part in lots of exciting activities to support our learning as well as outdoor trips.

Further detailed information can be found on the “Curriculum” pages of our website.


Contacting Us

If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to speak to us before or after school.

We welcome communication between home and school. Staff are often available at the start or end of each school day or appointments can be made by contacting the school office.

We have three Parents’ Evenings during the year; one in each term. Each meeting is an opportunity to discuss your child’s learning and celebrate their achievements and progress.

The summer term meeting is an opportunity to meet your child’s new teacher for the following year and find out all about their new class and year group ahead of the summer holidays. This helps our parents and children to prepare for these changes and come back in September feeling settled and ready to learn.