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Celebration Assembly

Celebration Assembly! 


In line with our school motto of “celebrating success”, our school Celebration Assemblies are an incredibly important part of our weekly table.  We are incredibly proud of the behaviour and achievements of our pupils and staff and recognise this in the most spectacular way.


Every week our pupils stand a chance of being selected for a variety of awards which they come down the red carpet to “Celebrate”.  Our pupils and staff really look forward to the positive and community feel of the assemblies every week.  Awards for our pupils include:


Pupil of the week – each class teacher selects a pupil who they feel has gone above and beyond either academically or socially that week.  They receive a certificate and Clarice Cliff Primary sticker.

Class of the week attendance – the class in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 with the highest attendance wins Bethany or Benjamin bear for the week.  Slideshows are shown of Benjamin and Bethany’s adventures each week.

Attendance Premier League – classes find out where they are in the whole school attendance Premier League.  At the end of every half term the class at the top wins the attendance trophy.

Good to be Green – each week we celebrate our fabulous behaviour.  We find out the number of children who have “stayed green” during the week and over the term.  Mr Murphy always sets high challenges for the children.  We also give out awards to children who have received their Bronze, Silver or Gold awards for good behaviour.

Smart Start – every day the children receive points for wearing the correct uniform, bringing in their PE kits and bringing their reading book and diary to school.  These points are recorded by Mr Murphy and put into the Smart Start table.  At the end of a half term, the class with the highest Smart Start percentage gets to come into school in non-uniform clothes and have a party session during Golden Time.

Golden Star Lotto – every pupil who is still “green” with their behaviour and has 100% attendance is entered into our weekly lotto.  We “spin the wheel” on the screen and the child who is selected at random receives a £5 INTU Gift Card, a Good to be Green pencil and a Good to be Green badge which they can wear on their school uniforms.

Catch me being good – throughout the week members of our Senior Leadership Team, Lunchtime Supervisors and Office Team give out tokens to children who they spot following our school Golden Rules.  Children write their names on the tokens and put them in the “Catch Me Being Good” box.  Each week, four tokens are pulled out of the boxes and these children then have the opportunity to select a prize from the Head Teacher’s Golden Box.

Reading awards – each week we give out certificates for the children who have most improved with their Accelerated Reader scores.  At the end of every half term, we also celebrate the individual quizmasters at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 for the number of words read and highest percentage pass rate.

Pen Licence – children have the opportunity to earn their pen licence through demonstrating consistently high standards of presentation in their books.  When the class teacher judges this standard to be met, children receive a pen licence and a biro to complete their work with.  Children love singing along to “Paperback Writer” to receive this award and we have some of the best air guitarists in Stoke on Trent!

Times Tables Rockstars – children are presented with certificates each week for improving their rates of times tables.  They receive a certificate and get to perform to “Eye of the Tiger”.

Swimming awards – children receive their swimming awards from school swimming lessons by swimming down the red carpet!

Clarice Cliff’s Got Talent – during this part of the assembly, children share any certificates, trophies or awards that they may have received outside of school.  This can include football trophies, dancing, cubs, charity work – anything!  The children are so proud of sharing their achievements to the whole school and everyone loves to sing “Simply the Best” to celebrate!

Birthdays – we celebrate birthdays each week of pupils and staff.  Everyone gets to come down the red carpet to “Happy Birthday to you” and receives a Clarice Cliff Primary birthday sticker.  Staff even get to wear the special birthday hat!

We feel it is important for our children to celebrate our staff too!  We encourage staff to share any achievements during “Clarice Cliff’s Got Talent”.  We also have a weekly “Staff Award” where staff can nominate each other for a variety of reasons.  They receive a box of chocolates and a very well deserved round of applause.

Themed assemblies


Throughout the year we plan a variety of themed assemblies which everyone takes part in.  This has included charity assemblies such as celebrating Children in Need.  The children particularly loved when they got to select the staff who got “Pie Faced”.  We have had a Seventies themed assembly where everyone dressed up and learnt about 70s culture including listening to some excellent music! We also have Easter, Valentines and Christmas themed assemblies.  Although the music and themes change, the main purpose of the assemblies is still the same – to celebrate our wonderful children and staff!