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Meet the Deputy Head boy and girl



Clarice Cliff has one Head Boy and one Head Girl. We also have a Deputy Head Boy and a Deputy Head Girl. They have to write a letter of application and are selected by members of the Senior Leadership Team. 


Deputy Head Girl


Hi, I am Rayah Hardman also known as the Deputy Head girl. I have loads of fun opportunities around school, I help other pupils around school.  Being Deputy Head in year 6 before High School means a lot to me. I now can have loads of memories to treasure. Make sure you believe in whatever you wish for, and it will come true.


Deputy Head Boy


Greetings, I am Leo Danger Davis and I have the proud title of Deputy Head boy. I think school is an exceptional place to learn and make friends for children. If you try to apply for Head boy/girl you may get deputy. As the old saying goes “aim for the moon if you fall you may hit a star” that saying means aim for the best and if you fail you may find a substitute.