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Welcome to Year 5!


We would like to welcome all of our new children and their families to Year 5.  We are very much looking forward to working with you all this year.


Staff Information

Lowry class teacher is Mr. Snape.  Miss Roper is the class teacher in Turner class.  We also have support from Mrs Foy and Mrs Barlow.


Year Group Information

The children will have the opportunity to take part in a range of sports this year.  In the Autumn term our P.E. lessons will be Tag Rugby, Hockey, Netball and Outdoor Adventure.  The Spring Term P.E. will include Gymnastics, Outdoor Adventure, Dance, Swimming and Cricket.  Finally, in the Summer Term P.E. will include Athletics, Netball, Team Building and Rounders. 

Year 5 are lucky enough to continue with weekly Music lessons and they will be playing the ukulele this year. 


Topics Studied

Our curriculum and topics are designed to excite our pupils and enthuse them in their learning. Each topic has been carefully created to teach a wide range of skills and knowledge, whilst covering all aspects of the National Curriculum.


Autumn Term Topic – Allotment(1) 

We will be visiting an allotment to find out about how various plants reproduce and grow.  We will also be inspired to write a report about the allotment and investigate types of compost.   In Science, we will be planning experiments to discover the best conditions for the germination of a seed.  Following this we will be inviting our parents and carers into school to celebrate the wonder of the garden!

Autumn Term - Alchemy Island (2)

This half term, we will read magical stories that will inspire our own story writing.  Our Geography skills will improve as we investigate maps of Alchemy Island, plotting routes and using co-ordinates. We will be examining samples from the island, explore the properties of materials and experiment with changes of state. If we are going to find gold, we had better find out all about it!


Spring Term – Time Traveller

Time stops for no man – not even us!  Our trip this term will be a visit to the Potteries museum where we will meet people from different generations to find out what life was like in the past and we will predict how things might change in the future.  Using real portraits from the past for inspiration, we will write character descriptions about the people in them. We will create a timeline of our lives and watch a time lapse of human development.  By taking close up photographs, we will be able to create our own Andy Warhol style prints.  Smile please!


Summer Term

Let’s hop on a steam train and travel back in time to the Victorian era!  We will use non-fiction books to research Victorian education and people, including famous inventors, reformers and Queen Victoria herself.  Then, we will write non-chronological reports and biographies using a range of materials.  During our visit to Iron Bridge we will learn about life as a Victorian.  Back at school we will learn the three ‘Rs’ and take part in cooking, sewing and woodwork lessons, just like a child in a Victorian school.  We will learn about crime and punishment and find out what life was like in a Victoria workhouse.  How things have changed!

Further detailed information can be found on the “Curriculum” pages of our website.


Contacting Us

We welcome communication between home and school. Staff are often available at the start or end of each school day or appointments can be made by contacting the school office.

We have 2 Parents’ Evenings during the year; one in the Autumn Term and one in the Spring Term. Each meeting is an opportunity to discuss your child’s learning and celebrate their achievements and progress.

The summer term meeting is an opportunity to meet your child’s new teacher for the following year and find out all about their new class and year group ahead of the summer holidays. This helps our parents and children to prepare for these changes and come back in September feeling settled and ready to learn.