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Van Gogh

Welcome to Year 1! 


The children in this year are taught by Mr Longstaff in Van Gogh class who is supported by Miss Nawaz. Year 1 Picasso Class is taught by Mrs Ashiq (covered by Miss Jones) who is supported in class by Mrs Mills. 


During this year we cover a variety of exciting topics to enthuse and engage the children. Our topics include:


Autumn Term – Enchanted Woodland




Grab your wellies, put on your raincoat because we’re going on an Enchanted walk around the woodland. Who knows what animals you may see along the way?

This half term, we’ll be investigating the woodland around us. This will involve us exploring our local environment and a farm nearby, allowing the children to discover new plants and natural materials that they may see. The children will be comparing materials and textures to work out what would be most suited for the Three Little Pigs to build their house. We will be experimenting to see who has built the strongest house and who is able to keep the wolf out! As well as this, the children will have plenty of opportunities to create natural art work suited to our season and at the end of the term, parents will be invited for the children to show off their creations in a small gallery. 


Texts we explore:


  • Three Little Pigs
  • Autumn Poems
  • Owl Babies
  • Owl Information Text

Autumn Term 2 – Bright Lights, Big City

Using maps and research, we’ll locate Buckingham Palace, understand compass directions, plan routes around London and learn about the countries of the United Kingdom. Our research will take us back in time to famous London landmarks, as well as giving us an understanding of what it’s like to live in a big city.
Spring Term – Memory Box


This term, we’re taking a trip to the past to discover what life was like at the time when we were born. Younger children will come along to our Teddy Bear’s picnic, so we can observe how toddlers play and move. We’ll also find out how babies change and grow over time. Thinking about our childhoods, we’ll use photos and objects from the past to help us remember special times including weddings and christenings. We’ll talk about our families and share happy memories of people or pets who are no longer alive. Learning about the days, weeks and months of the year will help us to work out how long we will have to wait for our birthdays to arrive! We’ll decide how objects from the past were used and have fun learning games, songs and dances from bygone days.

We’ll share class memory books, collages and a rap with you at the end of our project and make memories that will last a lifetime.


Texts we explore:


  • Dogger
  • Instructions to make a kite
  • Old Bear

Spring Term 2 - Splendid Skies

Imagine floating high above land and sea on a bed of clouds, silently sweeping by on a billowing breeze. Back down to earth, let’s take a walk outdoors. But what should we wear? Wellington boots? A sun hat? Maybe a warm coat? How do we know what the weather will be like today? Read and write poems and postcards, and, if you don’t like today’s weather report, why not write your own? Make a weather station to find out more about the weather in your area. What weather do you prefer? Sunshine, snow, storms or showers? Get your wellies on – let’s go!



Hop on board a big, red bus and head for England’s capital. Yes, that’s right, we’re on our way to London!


For the first half term, we’ll take tea with the Queen and visit Buckingham Palace online. a 


Summer Term - Paws, Claws and Whiskers

Big cats, small rats, tiny fleas and buzzing bees!

For the second half term, we’re going to discover that animals come in all shapes and sizes! Meeting an animal expert at the zoo will allow us to ask and answer questions, share information about the pets we have at home and write animal information booklets. We’ll study animal artwork, draw detailed animal pictures to capture their special features and make collages, sculptures and prints. Famous animal fables will make us laugh, and we will have fun reading them aloud. We’ll spot similarities and differences between animals, look at different habitats around the world and investigate camouflage. Designing a zoo is even on the agenda!


Texts we explore:

  • Tiger Who Came to Tea
  • Little Red Riding Hood


The topics are designed to cover a range of skills and knowledge, and cover all aspects of the curriculum. To support these topics, we will visit a Farm, a Zoo and a local park to engage pupils and extend their understanding.  


Contacting Us


If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to speak to us before or after school.


We welcome communication between home and school. Staff are often available at the start or end of each school day or appointments can be made by contacting the school office.


We have 3 Parents’ Evenings during the year; one in each term. Each meeting is an opportunity to discuss your child’s learning and celebrate their achievements and progress.


The summer term meeting is an opportunity to meet your child’s new teacher for the following year and find out all about their new class and year group ahead of the summer holidays. This helps our parents and children to prepare for these changes and come back in September feeling settled and ready to learn.